Monday, July 15, 2013

No blood, but lots of sweat and some tears...

Today officially started week 3 of training, and it was a pretty rocky start. The plan today was to do a one mile run and a one mile power walk. It was absolutely disgusting outside today, and is only supposed to be hotter for at least the next week (heat indexes going up to 105+). As of right now (8:00pm), it is 84* out, with a heat index of 90*. The dewpoint is 73*. It's just gross. Again we went to the gym, and I decided I'd try to switch things up a little bit tonight and try doing the treadmill (aka dreadmill) instead of the indoor track.

I got on the first treadmill and did 1/2 mile power walk. My plan was to alternate a half of each. I did great up to that point even though even with just the walk it was so hot in there that I was already dripping wet. I then ran for a quarter mile, but my calves started to seize up, so I wanted to stretch them a little bit. The touchscreen monitor on the treadmill didn't work and I had to stop the machine altogether so that I could stretch a little bit. I ended up just wiping down the machine and then switching to the other side of Rich. I got on that one and did another quarter mile of power walking, and another quarter mile of running, but this one was directly in the light of the setting sun. That whole side of the gym is just all large windows. This lets in so much sun/heat in the late afternoon/early evening that there's no way that the A/C can keep up in there. I felt like I was going to die after I did that last 1/4 mile. Rich had already finished his 2 miles at that point. I was only at a mile and a quarter. I switched on to his machine which was directly facing the wall so it actually had no sun on it. I ran .20 once I got on that one but couldn't do the .25. I then walked until .35, then ran until .45, then walked, etc. until I got to .75 and had completed the 2 miles.

I was DRENCHED! Through almost the entire workout I could just feel the heat coming off my chest. I just felt so hot; hot like I had never felt before. I had my water with me but drank almost all of it. I just could not cool down. By the time I finished the 2 miles I thought I was going to vomit. I was scared that I'd vomit right there in front of everyone. Rich was doing some shoulder work over in the corner so I let him know I was going to the bathroom. I wanted to put some cool water on my face. It was an automatic faucet that I couldn't control the temperature of - and it was just hot. Also, there were no paper towels in there either. Ugh. I could also feel my start want to start to cry when I was there. I didn't really know what I was feeling at the time. I just didn't feel good. Nothing about me at that moment felt good.

I walked back out into the gym and Rich was on the machine for your back, and said that was his last one. I told him I was going downstairs to get some cool water & a paper towel, and my purse. Two out of three ain't bad I guess - no paper towels in the downstairs bathroom either. They did have some cooler water in there though and looking in the mirror as I poured it over my face, I just could not believe how red my face was. I started to fight back tears again while I was in the bathroom. I just wanted to get home and into some A/C at that point. I couldn't hold back any longer though once I was in the car. Rich was asking how my workout went, and telling me to just keep at it. And I just started tearing there in the car. I think I was just exhausted at that point. When I got home, I sat on the floor of the kitchen to do my stretching and I just started to cry. I know I had given my workout my all, and battled through the heat even when I wanted to stop. But I didn't complete the workout I was supposed to. More walking than running. And I was worried about how I'd do at the next workout because I know either the next one or two from now is supposed to be all running and my body just isn't there. And then I start wondering what will happen if the next 13 weeks all end up being workouts like today, where I feel like I just can't do anymore. And what if I just never improve past this point? Rich said that training isn't supposed to be perfect; it's just supposed to be training. I'm proud of myself for sticking with it though and giving it my all. I told him that I was at the point where I felt like I was going to vomit by the end of it and he told me that I should really give myself a pat on the back then if I was able to get myself to that point. I stretched, I hopped in the shower, and then I started to blog. On Wednesday at the next workout, I will put today behind me and let the new workout be a new workout.

Just keep swimming...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Week 2 - DONE!

It's been a few days so I was determined to write something tonight!! The schedule had to get tweaked a little bit again this week but I am still pretty much on track. Wednesday night was another 1 mile jog/walk which felt like hell. My cardio/breathing was ok, but the calves again... ugh. I have been researching the issues I'm having the last few days and I think I'm going to try out a potassium supplement and the runner's stick. It seems that a majority of my running buddies with similar issues have had success with those so I'm gonna give them both a shot. I did stick with it the full time though - walking one half of the 1/4 mile track, and then running the other half. I have started seeing some other folks at the gym at the same time I go. A very friendly woman has been there the last few times with her 2 daughters. She stopped to ask me my name and introduced herself to me the last time I saw her. Her name's Sharee (sp?) and her daughter that plays volleyball there is Bailey, and for the life of me I can't remember the name of her younger daughter other than it starts with an A. Anyway, nice people though, and kind of nice to see familiar faces :)

Had to go back to the dentist AGAIN on Friday and given my anxiety issues, I had to take the Ativan on Thursday night and on Friday before the appt. I always think I can beat the side effects but it ends up wiping me out every time. I took a nap after the appt on Friday and then got up to get some stuff done. Rich got home and I told him I just wanted to lay down for another hour - this was around 4:15ish. I woke up at 8pm. So much for Friday's workout. It was supposed to be a 3 mile power walk, so we switched that to tonight instead and just did 3 miles on the bike. I was exhausted after work today but got the 3 mile ride in anyway. AND I added in an upper body workout as well. I have been neglecting that because I've really been taking my "rest" days seriously and not doing any cross-training. It felt good to get that all in, but good Lord was it hot at the gym tonight though! Yesterday we got in the actual workout we were supposed to of the 2 mile run/walk. Same calf issues still, but I pressed through it. I drove 4 hours round-trip later in the day which I don't think helped my legs too much, but they weren't sore or anything today. I am going to ice them a little bit tonight.

Tomorrow we will be back on track for starting Week 3. I feel pretty good about being done with 2 weeks worth of training already and for staying on track for the most part the entire time. I got all the workouts in, just had to switch up the days a couple times. I think the intensity might kick up a little bit this week so I'm a little bit nervous, but still gonna give it my all!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Week 2, Run #1

I missed my post last night, so I'm making up for it today even though it's a rest day. It felt good to actually run last night. It was only a mile, but I am glad that we're finally to the running portion of this training plan. The plan was one mile walk/jog. Nasty hot/humid weather again, so we went to the track. It's 1/4 mile, so we walked half way around and then ran the other half. Almost immediately upon running I could feel the cramps in my calves. Other than the cardio/breathing aspect of running, this is usually my #1 problem I encounter during a run. I am hoping to figure out what really causes this issue for me the most, find a way to work through it, and overcome the issue so that it's not something I encounter from the start of the 13.1. From what I researched today (it was my day off) it could be a couple of medical-ish issues (I forget the acronyms), but dehydration is also a major contributor. I know I have trouble keeping myself hydrated enough during my runs, so I'm hoping that they actually are related and I can kill two birds with one solution.

Rich and I watched a documentary tonight called "Running With Demons". It wasn't all that I thought it was going to be, but it was still interesting anyway. It was about an ex-addict who overcame his addiction with running, and this film documented him running a 300+ mile ultra-triathlon in Canada over the course of 3 days. I was hoping it was going to be more about Todd's running and getting others into running, but they did spend a lot of time talking about his backstory on the addiction. It wasn't a bad movie, just not really what we were looking for. While watching, we did some rolling out. Rich has a foam roller that I absolutely hate. I guess I haven't really given it a fair shot, and I know it's *supposed* to hurt, I just don't like it. He bought a 3-pack of tennis balls today, so I gave it a shot with one of those on my calves. I could definitely feel some sore hot-spots in there! Rich said we should be rolling out every night when watching TV. Hopefully I'll start feeling a little more comfortable with feeling uncomfortable?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 1 - DONE!

Technically yesterday marks the end of week one, but we had to shuffle the days around a little bit with the holiday thrown in there this past week. So tonight actually ended up being the final night of week one. We had to double up - a workout yesterday and one day where there was supposed to be a rest day in-between. We also have one scheduled for tomorrow. Kind of a hectic three days, but it will be worth it in the end!

Yesterday and today's workouts were a 3-mile "power-walk". Weird. The whole time I just felt like I wanted to start running. It was a weird pace, not being a run but not being a walk either. It actually made me aware of some muscles I'm not used to feeling. Rich thinks this is because with running we strike about mid-foot and sometimes closer to the toe, but with the power-walking it's more of a heel strike. There was nothing painful about the workouts at all; just a little bit of tightness in the legs. I kept track of my pace while we were out also so I could make sure that I was doing the 2nd and 3rd mile at the same pace as the first one. Again yesterday & today we were at the gym due to the weather. Humidity is still brutal - right now it is 81* and the dewpoint is 76*. Yesterday I did the track and Rich was on the treadmill. Today we both did the track and kept at about the same pace. Neither of us put the ipods on today; we just went at about the same pace and got to talk most of the time. Rich said we'll blink and it'll be time for the 13.1 - that the time is going to fly by. I'm not quite sure how I feel yet? Right now it just feels like we're going too slow. But I know when we get up to doing about 5 or 6 miles straight I'll wish we were back at this pace!

For now I'm just trying to stick to the plan, watch my diet but not get incredibly anal over it, and keep up with the rest of life in the remaining time we have. It seems like whatever time is leftover we're either at the grocery store or doing laundry! I'm proud that we managed to get all of week 1's workouts in though even with the holiday this past week. It was a rather hectic one, but I know that if I can manage through a hectic week, that an easier week should seem like a breeze. So far so good on updating the blog on workout days also!

104 days, 8 hours, 28 minutes & change til 13.1!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 1, Day 2

We just got back from the gym a little bit ago for workout #2 of this training plan. Still a pretty easy workout for the most part - it was a 3 mile walk at normal pace. It was actually supposed to be last night's workout and today was supposed to be a rest day, but I had a brutal migraine yesterday and we decided to reschedule a little bit.

We went to the gym tonight because it was about 88* still at 6pm, and humidity has been pretty high. Even as I write this now at 9:00pm, it is 79*, dewpoint is 73*, and it's 80% humidity. make the "feel like" temp 83*. Gross. So we decided to make today an indoors one. Rich did the 3 miles on the treadmill, and I did mine on the indoor track. It still started feeling pretty gross in there after the first few laps. Overall it wasn't too bad at all. Legs feel a little bit tired, but that's about it. Time for dinner now, and perhaps we'll catch some fireworks out the front window?

108 days, 6 hours, and 55 minutes til 13.1!